Architectural Photography

Over the years my photographic interests have changed and I now find myself almost exclusively concentrating on architectural photography. I’m particularly interested in capturing areas of dereliction, focusing on close-up features rather than complete buildings. I have been amazed at the reception given to some of my images at various exhibitions and it is obvious that architectural photography has become very popular with the buying public. I thoroughly enjoy looking for potential subjects, both at home and abroad, and am hoping to add several new images to this Gallery over the coming months.



Architectual Photography - Balcony in Faro

Balcony in Faro


Architectural Photography - Derelict Dockside

Derelict Dockside


Architectural Photography - Neighbours




Architectural Photography - Off the latch

Off the Latch


Architectual Photography - Pillar and Pipe - 1

Pillar and Pipe - 2


Architectual Photography - White Door Furniture

White Door Furniture



Guernsey Range



Architectual Photography - Pillar and Pipe - 2

Pillar and Pipe - 1


Architectual Photography - Glass Dome - 1

Glass Dome - 1


Architectual Photography - Red Door Knocker

Red Door Knocker



Peeling Paint



Architectual Photography - Glass Dome - 2

Glass Dome - 2


Bolt in Wood

Bolt in Door



Door Knocker

Door Knocker


Cathedral Door

Cathedral Door


Gerona Door Knocker

Gerona Door Knocker


Architectual Photography - Steps to Nowhere

Steps to Nowhere


Architectual Photography - Tavira Door

Tavira Door


Ganvier House 

Ganvier House 


Architectual Photography - Battered Door

Battered Door


Architectual Photography - Upstairs, Downstairs

Upstairs, Downstairs



Architectural Photography - Turn of the Screw

Turn of the Screw


Architectual Photography - Latch and Chain

Latch and Chain


Bubbling Paint

Bubbling Paint


Hotel Patria

Hotel Patria






Face Door Knocker

'Face' Door Knocker


Green Chipped Paint

Green Chipped Paint



All images shown are Limited Editions of just 100 prints and may be produced to different sizes to suit your requirements. Only the highest quality of pigment inks and fine art papers are used to ensure that the image will remain unchanged for generations, provided that it is not subjected to direct sunlight for long periods.


The prices quoted are for the print only, but mounting is available on request at extra cost