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Ganvier House

My interest in photography goes way back to when my grandmother gave me my very first camera – a sturdily built (and inexpensive) Halina 35X.  In my teens, I spent most of my time capturing images of aircraft, but the subject matter has changed many times over the last 45 years.


Having spent a lot of time photographing flowers, butterflies and other subjects in the natural world, I now spend most of my spare time tramping the streets of villages and towns looking for derelict buildings. Most of my success has come from visits abroad in places like Malta, Portugal, Greece and the south of France amongst others. There are so many destinations to choose from, but high on my list of priorities is a trip to Sicily, so look out for more images from that part of the world. I am currently working on a few shots taken during a visit to Gerona in northern Spain and these should be here for you to view very shortly.


I hope you enjoy browsing through these photographs as much as I have enjoyed creating them. I guess there are still those who consider that photography is definitely not art, but I have to disagree. Perhaps you do too.


Geoff Le Page